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Don't invent yet another feature flags system to release your code. Use our next-gen platform.

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Feature Flags

A better way to manage your features

Let's stop rollbacks and make it dead simple to release features and run experiments via a few lines of code.

Multiple Languages/Platforms

Gate features on the server, mobile, or web via our official SDKs (Python, Go, Javascript/Typescript).

Low latency

Checking whether a feature is on/off does no networking calls. This reduces latency and increases reliability significantly.

Simplicity and feature-rich

A couple lines of code to add and you're good to go. FeatureGuards Supports % rollouts out and custom rules to target your users. Don't re-invent the wheel.

Real-time updates

Changes in the dashboard propagate within a couple seconds.

Frequently asked questions

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What languages do you support?
We have official SDKs for Python, Javascript (both in-browser and via NodeJS), and Go. Don't see your favorite language? Drop us a note.
Do you support multiple environments?
Yes. You can create multiple environments (i.e., development, QA, and production). When you set a feature flag value, you can specify which environment(s) it applies to. Each environment has its own API key for additional security.
What do I need to get started?
Follow our docs and you will be good to go in minutes.

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